Taj Ali Restaurant

Creating a restaurant from scratch with the owner of Taj Ali was a great experience and it allowed me to strengthen my skills in UX/UI as well as graphic design. Through the many challenges we faced, we were able to increase our sales by 70-80% by the first three months of our opening day. I worked on designs ranging from small things like social media adverts, and flyers, all the way to the menu and website itself. In this project, I am going to share with you some of the designs I created to boost this businesses revenue and eventually lead them to opening their second branch.

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The Challenge

Like I mentioned before, we experienced many challenges in the beginning. This was way more than just a design job for me, as I had to look over the businesses finances, customer demographics, and figure out solutions to complex issues in a short manner. This lead me to thinking, "How can my designs change the business?" I wondered how much power professional design had on a business.

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