About Me

My name is Kumail Alboufradi, I was born in Paris, France.
I came to the States eventually in 2005 and grew up in the state of Nebraska. My father raised me around the businesses he has owned and created from scratch. I have seen his failures and successes and have been watching this for my whole life. ​I got into design in High School when I started an Art class where we created basic photoshop edits. I really enjoyed this, but I never went further into it. I was focused on businesses, and I still am. I went into college as in International Business Major. As much as I love business, I knew it wasn't the right major for me, it was not fun.  After doing graphic design (logos and photoshop) for a bit, I stumbled across UX/UI design. This was one of the most fascinating types of art. I immediately wanted to know how I could get into this. ​In 2021, I enrolled in CareerFoundry, and have been learning UX Design up until now where I have acheived my certificate in UX Design. I have now changed my major to graphics design and will eventually graduate witch a Bachelors in Fine Arts.​This year, I helped my father open a restaurant here in Lincoln, Nebraska. I designed everything from the logo, to the menu. Our restaurant has been extremely successful and  we are looking to open our second one very soon! 

Concept Mobile App Design (Kumail Alboufradi)
Some of my key skills inlcude:

-Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
-User Research
-User Interface Design
-Wire Framing
-Logo Design
-Business Branding
-Business Management
-Project Management

You can contact me at kumaelal@outlook.com
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